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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Contact us at if you have any questions or problems regarding the use of your Personal Data and we will gladly assist you. By using this site or/and our services, you consent to the Processing of your Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy. Table of Contents […]


SEO is not a religion 

SEO is not a religion We know for a fact that SEO has a direct impact on website ranking. There can be an organic search on FlexFactory without a need to optimize for the SEO word “FlexFabrikken“. We can measure and point it out that it has an impact on the website search and Google […]


Blizzard wants you to wait, and wait.

Blizzard wants you to wait Blizzard wants you to wait, and wait. Right on payroll days! It’s no deal that you have to wait some days or even hrs. On the one game you love the most. So why even read about the waiting time. Well i’m one off people that stands up and asks […]


Discord Rules / Minecraft Rules

Discord Rules Discord invite ID: https://discord.gg/7UT9ZbA Rules that are listed above are still enforced in the Discord server, do not think that only the rules below apply to you on Discord. Please read the rules below that relate to the Tacaly Discord. – Playing music (at a reasonable volume) is allowed with the consent of […]


Lind Hypnose App

Lind Hypnose app I’ve been fighting to make the best app for Søren, that fits his concept. So far it’s been my deepest honor, to develop the app. “We have been visited by Søren from Lind Hypnose this week, for whom we are developing an app that fits exactly his concept. We are looking forward to […]


Pointing and calling on AdWords

Why do I think point and calling is important ? You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointing_and_calling. Japan Railways Group Shinkansen Please note All the things I tell here is my opinion and my point of view. Please do not take it seriously, I don’t wanna offend anyone. Pointing and calling We all maybe have seen […]


Installing Multicraft on Ubuntu 17.10

This is an “upgraded” version of linode’s multicraft guide : (www.)linode.com/docs/game-servers/multicraft-on-ubuntu. I used Google cloud to do all this, go here if you need the googleness: https://console.cloud.google.com/ Want me to do it for you? Then go to my contact page  »Please Note this! The steps required in this guide require root privileges. Be sure to run the […]


Terms and conditions

This Application collects Personal Data from its Users. Read more here Latest update: Jan. 12, 2018 Welcome to Tacaly These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Tacaly’s Website. Tacaly is located at: Østergade 6c st.03 , Skive Midtjylland – 7800, Danmark   Your access to and use of the […]


AdWords Symbols. How do you use them, and what for ?

AdWords symbols? How do you use them, and what for ? This is how I do it, it’s not perfect. AdWords Symbols can be used outside of your “ads”. Like -cake birthday. But any SEO/Google consultant has there own way of doing it. Don’t take this to practice if you don’t know what you’re doing. Leave […]