Install pulseway agent on cloudlinux

This guide is tested on Tacaly’s servers and network. We can confirm that it’s working to the expected extend on cloudlinux. Some tools does not work depending on the setup of the server. First, open up your terminal (a ssh connection will work too) and run the linux installer.

rpm -ivh

Or if your operating system is working on 32 bit architecture:

rpm -ivh

Follow the instruction process (where you don’t know what to type just leave the default value). Once Pulseway is installed make a copy of the sample configuration file:

cp /etc/pulseway/config.xml.sample /etc/pulseway/config.xml

Using your favorite text editor (vim, nano, etc.) edit the config.xml and start customizing the configuration:

vim /etc/pulseway/config.xml

Note: Make sure to replace Username=”username” and Password=”password” with your actual username and password then, if you are using the dedicated Pulseway server, set UseCustomServer to “true” and fill in the hostname of the server in the CustomServerAddress field. Also set the computername in the xml file to the hostname of the server/vps you are installing the agent on. Next start the pulseway register tool ( this step is very importent, the agent will not work if not completed. )

cd /usr/sbin

Finally we start the agent.

systemctl start pulseway

Reboot the server (not forced!)

systemctl restart pulseway