When Tigers create Technology.

Tacaly Is a Danish IT security and IT support company with 5 years of experience in IT support /development. We mostly function as small companies IT department, due to our fast response time and personal touch.

We pride ourselves on having the best service in Denmark as the only IT concierge service company. We specialize in encryption and decryption of files and software. As well as making custom software for companies and private individuals..

Currently, we are the only company providing secure mail setup with free tech support afterwards.

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Some of our clients

About Tacaly

Built for companys with a need for control

Ever seen that one picture in a cafe that is not supposed to be there? We will move that picture to a better place!

We love to help with computer problems, sometimes it requires a computer geek and the speed of a Tiger. Tacaly got you covered!

Tacaly delivers a full package IT concierge service, no more trying to figure out what you need and what you don’t need. Our service is with the customer in mind and the needs surrounding them, they can relax knowing that everything will be taken care of in the moment the needs arise. The future is here with “IT worry no more service”.

Ever tried learning how the TV remote works? Our technicians are here to help 24/7/365. So try walking further from your office, and you still have your documents and call center where ever you need it to be.

A new way to solve errors says our clients

Fix any computer

With or own software, you can debug or repair any computer

Our software is packed with scripts and codey goodness to aid you when you don't have an IT man/women by your side. Even if you are an IT man/women, ou can use it as a toolbox for all the common tasks you do on a daliy basis.

IT Concierge Service

Being a VIP customer requires some prerequisites. You will either have to donate an extent volume or be an investor. If you are a popular client you automatically become a VIP customer.

Though at some point given we can demote your account if the damage to our reputation caused by you is drastic or you push our service to enormous lengths, physically and emotionally.

We can at any given moment withhold the service, due to our limitations as individuals.

As a VIP customer, you receive the entire assortment for free. That includes antivirus, backup, and our one of a kind IT concierge service. Calling our customer service is 100% free and there are no hidden charges.

The only costly expense of our service is inquiring about a high demand assignment. fx. rewiring facility space for faster internet speed, repair a broken machine component or demand a non-refundable service.

Some of our VIP clients

Only the best for you

Good experience says our clients

Is your inbox full of mail that is connected to IT? You know you have to act - just not how? When outsourcing your company's IT to us, we first analyze your company's IT from two perspectives: business and technical. We identify where it pays to optimize and deploy. Always aligned with a solution architect, ensuring that the solution is also technically durable.

Innovative solutions are the best. We innovate.


How it works?

You pick an IT subscription you want, then enjoy all the benefits and services you can take.

Make the Account

Make an account by calling/texting our sales phone 24/7/365.

Start Your Chat or call

Just call us or use the support as per mail informed.

The subscription plan starts when you make the first call or chat.

Login Account

Make an account by calling to our sales phone 24/7/365. Don’t worry it’s free to call and setup. Then make up a 4 digit code yourself or ask for a pin. Please remenber this pin as well as your password, so you can get support anywhere in the world. Remember to use the same phone number, otherwise state what other phone numbers are allowed to call us.

Make sure to tell how many users need to use the support pin and their full names, safety first! We ask this of you to ensure our own standards and to prevent fraud.

Have your credit card ready, since we charge a startup deposit fee and yes, you get to use that deposit in our support and hardware.

Open Settings

You can change the settings you made over the phone on our web pannel, to make sure you got it right. You can even use U2F (Universal two-factor authentication), and we recommend to use it. For your safety.

Avoid sharing your pin and phone to anyone, even though we keep a recording of your voice to further verify you. All our other safety functions are secret to avoid fraud.

Start Your Chat

Just call us or use the support as per mail informed.


What People Say

Sometimes it's about what people say and do that counts.


Choose your pricing

Pay now, then call us. So easy!

We offer a range of services and plans to get your IT on top. Prices are shown with tax.

Primary Plan

kr,1.978,01 /Mo
  • 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Phone Support
  • 5 GB Backup
  • Anti-virus software
  • *VPN by Add-on

Basic Plan

kr,2.646,17 /Mo
  • 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Phone / text Support
  • Unlimited backup & personal data vault
  • Anti-virus & anti-malware
  • *VPN by Add-on

Advanced Plan

Kr,11.923,15 /Mo
  • VIP 24/7/365
  • Support the way you want
  • Backup the way you want it
  • Protect the whole network
  • Full time contact hired IT employee
  • A Dedicated number & phone to an employee
  • All the VPN power you want

The price is shown in Danish kroner (DKK).

*a vpn by add-on is a vpn you can buy besides your IT support plan. 100DKK a mounth.


Meet The Team

Here is the team that makes it all happen. We are still small but slowly getting bigger.

OUR community TEAM

Meet The community Team

Here is the community team, they talk and write for us. Mostly on voice platforms such as Discord or Microsoft Teams. Without them, we would not have a voice in other languages.

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